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About Beeso Cattery

Welcome to Beeso Cattery located in Hamilton Ontario just 60km south of the Great City of Toronto. I'm proud to be a reputable sphynx breeder. My breeding program is proudly devoted to producing strictly healthy, elegant, and exquisite kittens to loving and responsible owners. I am a TICA (The International Cat Association), and CCA (Canadian Cat Association) registered cattery and enjoy showing off my elegant sphynx at as many cat shows as possible.

I saw my first Sphynx at a CCA show and it was love at first touch. Shortly after, I contacted a sphynx breeder. I adopted my first sphynx and couldn’t believe how affectionate and friendly it was. A year later, I decided to have my own purebred breeding program by becoming a sphynx breeder myself because I just loved to constantly be around them and to see how wonderful their offspring litters will turn out. I now go to as many cat shows as possible to show off these hairless bald beauties.


At Beeso Cattery, and as a sphynx breeder, sphynx kittens and cats is our primary passion. We know that the very best aspect about these remarkable hairless creatures is its loving disposition and genuinely friendly attitude. Its personality is short of being a phenomenon. I have been a proud, dedicated and genuine sphynx breeder and owner for over 4 years and plan to have them around for my entire life.

They are raised with caring and social humans to help them develop their sweet, lovable, playful and outgoing personalities. I strive to produce kittens that exemplify and evolve the spyhnx-breeders standard. They are lovingly raised and adored from birth so that they can become a valued member of any household family.

Feel free to browse around this website to learn more about our lovely kittens. If you have any questions or inquire, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone. This website is updated often so you’ll be about to see the latest updates and kitten adoption availability. Thank you for visiting this website. Take Care!!

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