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Baby Sphynx Kittens Available

The sphynx kittens Beeso Cattery offers are of high quality, born from professionally selected parents, healthy, show material, vaccinated and have veterinary papers. On the act of sale a customer and Beeso Cattery agree on a written contract in which both parties require authentic signatures. If you adopt a kitten from Beeso Cattery you will also receive detailed advice on shpynx caring and their daily needs, along with other questions and inquires that will assure you and your family comfort with your newly sphynx kitten.

Kittens do not leave until they are between 12-16 weeks of age. All kittens sold as "pets" are spayed / neutered prior to leaving. We offer domestic and international shipping. All of our kittens come with the following before leaving Beeso Cattery:

  • A booster vaccination shot and Deworming
  • A Veterinarian Health Certificate
  • C.CA. Registration Form (if requested)
  • One-year Genetic Health Guarantee


Baby Sphynx Kittens Available (For Sale)

Kitten #1 For Sale

D.O.B: May 14, 2007
Sex: Male
Characteristic: Claims to be the "Orlando Bloom" of cats.
Price: $1,100 CAN

Kitten #2 For Sale

D.O.B: May 10, 2007
Sex: Male
Characteristic: Acts like the leader of his crew. He thinks he's a tough guy!!
Price: $1,100 CAN

Kitten #3 For Sale

D.O.B: May 14, 2007
Sex: Male
Characteristic: Insists on getting more attention than Paris Hilton
Price: $1,100 CAN

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