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Smokey was born May 8th 2007 and the second stud to be part of our sphynx breeder program. He's got a gorgeous coat of grey shade with a cream/white coating from the bottom giving him a stunning tuxedo like look to his appearance. He has a one of a kind personality and a burrel body frame that is nothing short of show quality material. But one of Smokey's most famous characteristic is his need to snuggle with loved ones surrounding him.

Presley is perfect additional sphynx to be part of our breeding program. He is solid grey that gives him a spiced appearance. He was born on July 8th, 2011. He has a very energetic and playful personality and is a bundle of joy! He has beautiful glowing yellow eyes that hypnotizes anyone that lays eyes on him. We are lucky to have him as part of our cattery and breeding program.
  Ginger Spice

Harmony is another prodigy female sphynx to be part of our breeding program. She has a very rear colour which is solid grey with a seal point nose that would spell victory in any cat show. She births the most amazing and beautiful looking kittens that are all show quality material. Our breeding program is very lucky to have such a rear queen like her. She was born on December 10th, 2010. In addition to her beauty is her compassionate temperament that creates a positive aura by just being around her.
  Princess Bella

Sheena is a fantastic addition female sphynx to be part of our breeding program. She was also born on July 8th, 2011. She births adorable solid colour kittens for those who are selective about adopting a kitten. Definitely, she is one of our top queens of Beeso Cattery and her hairless kittens for sale makes any buyer want a kitten from her.
  Lost Vegas

Star is the RockStar of Beeso Cattery. She has one of the best motherly nurturing natures  ever to appericate in a breeding program. Rest assure that her kittens get the tender love and care that only a great mother like her can provide. By far she is one of the most adorable female sphynx ever to join our sphynx cattery.
  Lost Vegas

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